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Welcome, my name's Ada and I'm an illustrator and graphic designer from Poland with a love for dark and mysterious imaginery. I'm graduate of art high school and certified graphic designer with Master's degree on it's way.

Art was my passion since childhood. Throughout the years I’ve been doing a lot of types of art: wooden sculpture – which was my major in High School, analog and digital photography, painting and drawing both digitally and traditionally, video-editing, photomanipulation, designing posters, covers, buisness cards, pixel graphics for mobile games and flash animation. Now I work both as a freelancer illustrator and background designer and 2D animator in game developing company. Since 2016 I support with my artworks various popculture conventions in Poland, such as Pyrkon.

My digital tools of choice are Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects as well as Spine by Esoteric Software. For traditional art I mostly use pencils, ink and acrylic paints.

photography by Basi Bas

© Ada Sulewska